<VV> Volume definition

Smitty Smith vairologist at verizon.net
Mon May 11 22:52:56 EDT 2009

> anyone know the result?? Is anyone willing to share it??
> Inquiring minds want to know - - - or are at least curious
Smitty says:  None of that matters at all.  the only thing that matters is that some SAE guy came along in the 60s after they been building cars for 70 years and said it's the posts that count.  You gotta have posts.  The more posts you got then the more sedan it is.  Especially that one in the middle they call the "B" post.  If you got a car with only one seat and a "B" post and has four cubic ft interior volume then it is a sedan.  If you got three seats and 1800 cu ft volume and no center post it ain't a seedan no more.  I know all this stuff cause I been reedin Virtule Vairs and listening to that authority, "whats his name".

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