<VV> rear brakes on 64 Monza

Jay Ciampi jciampi at embarqmail.com
Tue May 12 08:21:07 EDT 2009

I know I have no emergency brakes now from removing both bars, but I avoid 
inclines and I have a wheel chock when I need it. This is all until I get 
new springs for the bars and replace  both rear hoses.

I am working on a low budget right now thanks to our economy and without a 
job any more, but sooner or later I will get this car together.

I am still having problems with starting the car after it sits a day or two. 
It acts like it isn't getting the gas from the pump right away. I have been 
told that this ethanol laced gas evaporates even quicker than the gas used 
to do.  Alcohol does evaporate fast!  I have a new mechanical pump.


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