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Subject: <VV> carburetor exchange?

> Hi Guys,
> my engine did have a major overhaul last summer and it sounds and drives 
> better with every 100 miles it goes.
> It's a 110 4speed and it lacks power above 3000 rpm. I think it's normal 
> for this engine.
> Has anybody tried to exchange the 25mm Rochesters for a pair of Solex 32 
> or 34 mm carburetors?
> I think it would breath better...
> I wonder what you might think
Here is another reason to install a vacuum gauge pickup under the carb ..... 
a large value of vacuum ( say 4 psi ) at ( 3000 ) and up means your carb is 
restricting the flow more than your valves and pistons are trying to get 
......   you could use more carburetor... ( or your air filter is dirty heh 
heh, * almost * the same thing ...

If vacuum remains low value ( ie, 1 psi vacuum ) at higher rpms, your carbs 
are as big as the engine can use ... you need more valves, bigger cam , 
bigger engine (g) ....

........ and thus you can see that even a very small amount of turbo charger 
boost can do a lot, considering the time and money involved.

Also, lack of top end power can come from other things ... such as not 
enough total ignition timing ( should be around 34 -36 degrees at top 
end....   also, remember the corvair 110 stocker late model vair will only 
do about 90 mph top end ...  for interest, how fast will your rig top out 
at??  heh heh, for sheer scientific interest, of course ... heh heh ..

just some trivia ... ken campbell, wino wanabee in iowu 

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