<VV> 2 or 4 door Corvairs ?

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 Well, I've seen a number of 4 door Corsa conversions, so... 



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Hi everyone,


I read with interest the comments about how many doors a Corvair should have.


It's my observation that the rarest style of collector car in the future will 

very likely be the four (4) door pillar less hardtop or Sport Sedan. Why do I 

believe this?


Consider the following:'


1. Chevrolet built 4 door hardtops for only twenty (20) years. From 1956 to 



2. Almost every country in the world that ever built cars, at some stage or 

another offered a 2 door hardtop, but few outside the USA offered 4 door 

Hardtops. The Japanese offered a four door hardtop in the mid 1980s. The Germans 

offered a 4 door hardtop Mercedes Benz for a couple of years in the early 1960s. 

But that's the extent of it.


3. Their are even still one or two genuine 2 hardtops offered in current model 

cars. Take a lot look at a new Bentley coupe for example, but 4 hardtops sadly 

are unlikely to return which in time will make them unique.


4. Most car shows display line after line of restored 2 door hardtops, but few 4 

door hardtops.


5. Many 4 doors hardtops have been broken up and used to restore yet another 2 

door hardtop.


6. 1965-1967 Corvair 4 door hardtops are even more interesting in that they are 

quite probably the smallest 4 door hardtops ever offered.


In my view a late model Corvair 4 door hardtop in a desirable colour combination 

with lots of rare and correct options is very likely to become as collectable as 

a Corsa 180 hp 4 speed coupe .


Don't under value any 4 door hardtop.




Carl L. Kelsen






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