<VV> GEN/FAN light is glowing

Stephen Upham contactsmu at sbcglobal.net
Thu May 14 21:15:02 EDT 2009

The new wiring harnesses are installed and connected and I got  
everything else hooked up and started the car.  I disconnected the  
coil and cranked it for about twenty seconds to build up some oil  
pressure.  It turned over just fine, but the idle was too low and no  
amount of idle screw setting would get it to idle at a decent speed.   
I synced the carbs per the '65 manual and I suppose I will have to do  
it again, although I have done this a dozen times and can think what  
I missed or could be the problem.
My major issue at this point is that the GEN/FAN light is glowing  
(not shining) and that is not good.  What should I begin to trouble  
shoot in order to locate a cause on this one?

Stephen U

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