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Guus de Haan guusdehaan at mac.com
Fri May 15 04:18:49 EDT 2009

Op 14 mei 2009, om 19:54 heeft Richard Bremner het volgende geschreven:

> Hi,
> I have a '65 Corsa Coupe in the paintshop right now, and am wondering
> if anyone knows what the official General Motors paint code is for
> the Argent Silver used on its rear cove panel. I already have the
> Ditzler and Dupont numbers, but I'm based in the UK, and our paint
> supply shops don't recognise Ditzler codes for some reason, and the
> Dupont code, which I have as 9296L (is this correct?) comes up with a
> silver from 1990. I think I found this Dupont code from a Corvair
> website of some kind, so maybe this 1990 Dupont colour is a near-
> exact match for Argent silver. But maybe not. The paint shop I'm
> using managed to source the correct shade of Sierra Tan by using the
> '65 GM code for the paint - a simple 'S' - so on this basis we're
> wondering what GM's code for Argent silver is. Any suggestions much
> appreciated.
> Richard Bremner

My (Dutch) paint shop converted the colors for me to ICI numbers and  
we used these for my Corsa.

Silver rear panel - ICI WA3024
Matt Black interior and engine parts- ICI P420-FC71

Hope this helps.

Guus de Haan
The Netherlands
'65 Corsa Turbo-Charged Cvt

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