<VV> "Worthless" 2doors

Tony Underwood tony.underwood at cox.net
Sat May 16 21:30:37 EDT 2009

At 04:05 PM 5/14/2009, Dan Whitefield wrote:
>I don't know what you are all smok'in over there. The 2 door is much 
>sportier looking and who cares about the back seat! I guess if your 
>an old grandpa and need the back seat to haul the kids around in it 
>might be convenient. The 2 door is the best way to go in my humble 
>opinion!!!!  You have to types of cars out there.  Your practical 
>car and your play car. Don't try and mix them!!!!
>  _______________________________________________

My favorite Corvair is my beater/driver which is a 4-door.   I'm 
constantly banging knees and my head trying to get in and out of 
it.   But I put up with it.

The coupes are easier, with their longer doors.    And, I am partial 
to 2-door cars.   (but I'm keeping my '60 4-door until I die)

One of the reasons I bought my old Cherokee (the last year that AMC 
made one) was because it's a 2-door.   Not many 2-door Cherokees around.


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