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remember  the corvair 110 stocker late model vair will only 
do about 90 mph top end  ...  for interest, how fast will your rig top out 
at??  heh heh,  for sheer scientific interest, of course ... heh heh ..

just some  trivia ... ken campbell, wino wanabee in iowu 

Maybe yours wouldn't do more that 90 Ken ......:)  With the  factory 
(optimistic) speedometer my '65 110 manual transmission LM  would do 105 indicated 
(naturally no head wind) with the 3.27 diff.  And my  SMOG 110 would do an 
indicated 98--and I ran it at a steady 90 for 400 miles  with one stop for 
gas on the autobahn when I took it up to be shipped  stateside.  I never took 
the PG cars to their top speed so I  don't know how they would do.
Bob Hall
Group Corvair
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