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in  Phoenix I didn't need air  
conditioning in my car  

HUH???   No A/C needed in Phoenix? ggg
Must have cooled off since I lived there.
Bob Helt

I lived there from '58 to '67; worked in a foundry for a year (open-air,  
but I collected lab samples for about 15 minutes in every hour); came home at 
 almost midnight to 80°+ temps; drove for pleasure (remember the days of  
$0.35/gal. gas) in 110°+ daytime temperatures; open windows and open vents 
kept  me comfortable.  Plenty of breeze evaporated the sweat off my body; I  
needed a shower when I got home to wash off the dried sweat but didn't need a 
 cold shower (not for THAT reason, anyway.)
Scotty from Hollyweird
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