<VV> Top Whitener

J R Read_HML hmlinc at sbcglobal.net
Sat May 23 13:15:46 EDT 2009

Mike...  Is it actually dirty - or is that just the color of the vinyl?

I've use vinyl "dye" on upholstery in the past.  Not sure how that might 
work on top material.

Later, JR

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> One quick question.  Does anyone know of a way to whiten a convertible 
> top.
> I've tried the various over the counter sprays...I've tried carpet and
> upholstery cleaner.  I've even made a paste of Oxyclean and let it sit for
> an hour.  All of these "kind of worked" but the top is still "off white".
> Mike (still cruising the vair after all these years) in Michigan

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