<VV> Leaking Carb. Connection

John Ingram johnvi at cloud9.net
Sat May 23 14:45:11 EDT 2009

Hello everyone.
I was on this list years ago and have just returned.
I just installed a pair of rebuilt carburetors on my 65 110 engine.   
Started right up and sounds good.  However, the fuel line connection  
to each carburetor leaks slightly.  It seems that these connections  
ALWAYS leak.  I tightened them up about as much as I think the  
threads will take. What is the trick to stop this?  The leaks are  
slight but a drop of gasoline forms after the engine runs for about 2  
minutes.  I'd be willing to use non stock connectors just to stop the  
Thank you,
John Ingram

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