<VV> turbo carbs - short & pricy :)

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  Although it pertains to a 45DCOE, I found this info in the May 1977
  issue of the Communique (Volume 8, No. 5 - page 11)



  Tony Irani

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  I agree, he's GOOOOOD... The biggest reason he came up with this is large 2bbl progressive carbs don't really exist. At least not as large as this! 
  He also makes a good point, without EFI, one of the biggest issues with carbs and turbo engines is they have a wider flow range, idle to full power at redline than atmo engines. This makes carbs even more challenging! 
  If it were me, I'd do a pair of 32/36mm Weber progressives, one on each side, and do a blow through, if I were to stick to carbs. 

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    Excellent point ! in fact there's a colleague who rebuilds the 
    40 DCOE4 and sells them for around $250. However, 
    his knowledge of the turbocharged corvairs is minimal. 

    That's why I think it's imperative to point out that 
    Weber (40 or 45 DCOE) are not a bolt on - 
    live happily ever after mod :)

    I maybe wrong, but is anyone running the 40 DCOE4 
    without the following mod:


    The above mutation, costs slightly over $300 and I have no doubt
    that the gentleman who runs that business is one of the most 
    capable corvair gurus out there.


    Tony I. 

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