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 You really don't need it, however, if you REALLY feel a need to cool the thing, keep it simple. Get a short section of finned hydronic baseboard radiator, and simply mount it vertically near the turbo, and fill 'er up! Let convection do the work. Have a small expansion tank on top, and forget about it!

The purpose of water cooling is to protect the bearings against coking when the oil flow stops. On every water cooled turbo engine I've come across (and I've owned a few), the only circulation after shutdown is via convection. Heck, you could simply use a coil of copper tubing! The amount of heat you need to dump, either way, is small. The goal is to keep the temps from cooking the oil. And that just doesn't take all that much! 

If one were made of $$$, and wanted to keep it simple, do this and use a perfluorocarbon fluid as the coolant, and let the loop operate as a percolator! 



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> So, they DO "need" the water for prolonged life?  How do you define  - need?

> Later, JR


I am most of the way thru building a "modern" efi turbo vair motor using a 

water cooled ball bearing turbo. Convention wisdom is that you can get 

away without water cooling a modern turbo designed to use water as a 

cooling medium if you idle down at end of a run. I had planed to do that

but after talking to Garrett engineer, he suggested that I not do that 

cause center section is lighter duty when water is available. Still think

if u were not racing, you possibly could do it but I am using a small

fuel cell, 12v pump, and a finned cooler in plenum to cool my GT series

Garrett ball bearing turbo.

Show pictures but VV won't allow. Will put some showing whole engine, 

plenums, efi etc on fastvair soon.




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