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 Yes, the oil line is more restricted, and for good reason. Plane bearings have their own restriction, a VERY small journal to bearing clearance, and a VERY small bearing to housing clearance. Ball bearings don't have such a restriction, and oil, without a restrictor, would GUSH through the things unhindered. Probably several times the flow rate of a plane bearing turbo. When I checked, the BB turbos have approximately the same specified flow rate of oil as their non BB cousins. 
So, the oil flow between a BB turbo and a non BB turbo is, in fact, not very different at all. It's just the restrictions are in different places. 

So, yes, you probably only need the thermosiphon, and away you go. On the other hand, if you really do this, you need to do a thorough job of researching this. 



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> Ball bearing turbos also have oil feed and drain lines. There's no other way to keep them cool enough. And during operation, oil is THE primary coolant. However, should you decide to make yours wet, do consider the thermosiphon option.?


I like the thermo siphon idea but it does not apply in the GT series 
case. I just measured the restrictor size in the oil feed line in my 
turbo and compared it to a normal id of a conventional feed line. There?

was 94 times LESS area to feed oil in the GT turbo line. It is pretty?

clear that oil is NOT the major cooling in this case but the continuous?

flow of water. In a normal BB turbo, the oil line is restricted. Maybe?

some older BB turbo used nonrestricted lines. In that case, oil could be?

considered to be siginificant to cooling but to make a blanket statement?

that ALL bb turbos use oil as main cooling is not correct. Explain how?

94 times lees oil cools as well.?

I do like the thermo idea but it does not apply for mw where I need 
cooling all the time, not just at shutdown?




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