<VV> The Eternal Mechanical vs Electrical Fuel Pump Question

FrankCB frankcb at aol.com
Mon May 25 22:59:45 EDT 2009

With my electric fuel pump (in the tank) I also use the oil pressure switch, the inertia switch (probably from a Ford) and a push button on the dash to bypass both of these to prime the carb for cold starts.

It's amazing how many Ford car drivers have no idea that their cars have an inertia switch much less where it is and how and when they may need to reactivate it.  I've had to show a few of them where it is and why it may need to be reset.

Frank "reads my owner's manual" Burkhard

In a message dated 05/25/09 22:41:37 Eastern Daylight Time, Vairtec at optonline.net writes:
A side question for the electric users:  What, if any, means have you 
used to cut off electric power in the event that the engine stops or 
the vehicle crashes?  (In my track car, I have an oil pressure 
switch, a Ford inertia switch, and a toggle override switch for cold starts.) 


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