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Last year, the president of our local club here in New Jersey passed 
away following a courageous battle with cancer.  Recently, his widow 
died unexpectedly, from a heart attack.  The adult children are now 
faced with the task of selling the house.  To that end, they need to 
sell their late father's Corvairs.  What are they worth?  Here are the 

Car #1:  1965 Corsa coupe, 140-hp, 4-speed.  White with non-stock blue 
pinstriping.  Mag-style wheelcovers.  Non-stock rear-mounted antenna.  
White and blue interior.  Stock-type AM-FM radio.  Stock-type wood 
wheel.  Accessory tissue dispenser.  Shows 63,000 miles on the odometer, 
but I do not know the car's history.  The body shows no rust but there 
is most definitely plastic in it in the usual places.  The plastic work 
was done well, because there is no cracking, and a non-car-savvy 
civilian would never notice.  This car was a regular driver until just 
over a year ago.  It is not garaged, but it has been kept on blacktop 
under a car cover for the past year, and driven around the block 
periodically.  But the battery has now gone dead, and overall the car 
will need a weekend's worth of TLC to bring it back to daily-driver 
status.  It is easily "parade-quality" and will show well at cruise nights.

Car #2:  1965 Corsa convertible, 180-hp turbo, 4-speed.  Dark green with 
white top and black interior.  This was a show car, but the engine 
suffered an internal failure, diagnosed by ear as being a spun bearing, 
many years ago, and it has been parked under a car cover ever since, 
waiting for a round tuit.  Paint is now dead.  Solid body except for 
thinning trunk floor.  Slight mis-alignment of trunk hood, which has 
been like that for a long time, and it is something that a non-car-savvy 
civilian would not notice.  The interior is still very nice, no mold or 
mildew of any of that stuff that often comes with long-stored cars.  The 
top is dirty but good, although the backlight has gone opaque.  This is 
a very restorable car.

What is the value of each car, as is?


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