<VV> Garage sale (shameless plug)

airvair at earthlink.net airvair at earthlink.net
Tue May 26 11:08:15 EDT 2009

I have the following parts for sale. Most I can ship, but all can
be delivered at the convention. All used and in decent condition unless
otherwise specified. Price? Make me an offer I can't refuse. :o)

BTW while quantities aren't listed, some are single items, others I have
multiples of. 

Door assembly, R/H, NOS
Door assembly, L/H, NOS
Cover, "A" pillar, coupe, black, L/H
Cover, "A" pillar, coupe, black, R/H
Coat hook, blue or black
Bucket seat, front, green, R/H (could stand new covers)
Bucket seat, front, green, L/H (could stand new covers)
Bucket seatback, green, R/H NOS
R.C. outside mirror, head assembly
Interior set (all pieces special to convertables) green (some pieces are
pretty rough)
Seatbelt set, custom (std.) buckle, coupe, green (missing retractor covers,
1 rear buckle, 1 sholder spade strap) could be used on a convertable

LM engine lid, '66-9 w/110 or 140 emblem holes (your choice)
Door lock button, '66, black
Cover, "A" pillar, coupe, black, '68, L/H
Cover, "A" pillar, coupe, black, '68, R/H
Handle, window crank, '67, fawn
Dash pad, black, '67
Bucket seat, '67, black, 2door, L/H
Bucket seat, '67, black, 2door, R/H
Rear seat set, 4dr, '67 gold
Seatbelt set w/integral retractor, '67 blue
Emblem, front door, '65 'brier
Lens, backup, '63 NOS
Lens, backup, '60 Monza NOS
R.C. outside mirror, '67, complete
Wheel cover, '66 Corsa, set

FC rear handbrake cable NORS
LM rear handbrake cable NORS
LM front shock, std, Delco gray spiral NOS
Fitch front shock bumper, pair
EM 4door rear ash tray, pair
LM 4door door step plate set
Radio faceplate, '67-9
LM radio fader switch w/some wiring
Wood wheel horn button, '67-8 NOS
Nose bar, '66-9
LM bumper brackets (all but front mid RL/H)
Wheel well molding, '66-9
Drip molding, set for coupe (all 6 pieces)
Wiper arm assembly

Carb center-mount manifold w/oil warming passage (fits all but 140 heads)
EM chrome hubs w/2-bar spinners, set
Berlinetta aluminum wheels, 14" w/tires (old but not worn), set

-Mark Corbin

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