<VV> What's It Worth X2

deltainc deltainc at grm.net
Wed May 27 16:54:25 EDT 2009

Subject: Re: <VV> What's It Worth X2

Don't forget the upcoming inflation of the Zero-Bama Dollar.   Property will 
try to follow the real inflation rate, guessed by some pretty smart people 
as 15 to 30%, to start the runaway mode pretty quick now.

Real Estate is one type of property as investment, but the local bureacrats 
will know about this and hit you with a 4 to 8 % " rich guy " tax.  Every 
Year !!!

heh heh, a corvair will most likely not be on their radar screen, and so, if 
a nice one talks to you, .. good vibes ....  it['s current worth is not very 
sharply defined, if you intend to buy and enjoy the car over the next 20 or 
30 years or so (g).

ken campbell, inflating myself a bit in IWWa

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