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Quick  trip to garage to check the one I bought a couple years ago...F30 
>  Snap-On.  I suggest you buy a lifetime guarantee as you will probably  
> break it several times getting out those bolts that are rusted.   SOAK 
> first, second, and third, then try.  Soak again, try  again...
> I managed to get all mine out without breaking the  F30 using an impact 
> wrench.
> Good Luck
>  Keith Hammett

Something else that works well IF you have the time and IF you have access  
to the rusted threads (especially those on the end) is to use naval jelly 
to eat  the rust.  Just cover the rusted exposed threads with the naval 
jelly, wait  overnight and wire brush the stuff off.  The rust is removed (there 
is  actually less real metal) and the remaining threads won't jam up the 
other  threads when you loosen the bolt.  This works really well on upper 
cylinder  head bolts.
Bob Hall
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