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I just  shut down when I stop. I
use my CHT to determine if I need to idle before  shutdown. Of course, if I
had just jumped on it to get some boost, I let it  idle or drive moderately
for a few blocks before shutdown.

With the  string that is going on here I wonder if I should idle for a 
or so  before every shutdown. What are you guy's opinions on my current
procedure?  Should I modify it? If so, How?

Dave  Thompson

"Turbo Power" company used to make a shutdown cooler kit, it included  a 
small electric oil pump, a temperature sensor and a shuttle valve. After the  
engine shuts down, if the controller senses the temp in the turbo exceeds a  
certain level, it starts the pump. The pressure pushes the shuttle valve 
closed  and then pushes a small amount of oil through the turbo to keep some 
cooling  going on. The oil returns to the sump via the stock drain. When the 
sensor reads  the turbo has cooled past the set limit, it turns off the pump 
and the shuttle  valve returns the feed to stock. If more heat soaks into 
the turbo and the temp  comes up - the controller turns the pump back on to 
cool it. The kit was very  popular with SAAB owners in the late seventies and 
eighties.  Turbo Power  no longer sells the kit. They sold the complete 
product line to another company.  I will try to find out the current supplier - 
if someone is still selling  it.

Seth Emerson

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