<VV> installing a dual MC in '65

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Thu May 28 16:31:02 EDT 2009

It is not really a proportioning valve like in the 1970s... it is more a  
"junction block" and "pressure switch". The small switch that is in the block 
is  an indicator if there is a loss of pressure, allowing the switch to 
ground out  and light the warning light on the dash. It does not "regulate the 
pressure  front to rear" as a proportioning valve would do.
So, if you want the brake warning light like the 67-69 have, get it... if  
you don't care or can't find one, don't worry about it.
By the way, the fuel indicator out of a 67-69 fits perfect in a 65, as does 
 the lens, so if you have all those parts, you can hook up the switch.
Been there, done that... and don't forget the parking brake switch is also  
hooked up to that same light.
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john.kepler at pmlake.com writes:

Since the convert is totally apart and at the painter, I  started my list
of what I would need to get her back together.  On the  list is brakes, I
would like to go to a dual MC.  

You'll need  a proportioning valve too....otherwise, you won't like what
your brakes are  gonna  do!


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