<VV> My Spyder Won't Idle At A Steady RPM

dbaker10 at twcny.rr.com dbaker10 at twcny.rr.com
Fri May 29 16:52:27 EDT 2009

My Spyder's idle speed keeps hunting from about 900-1500 RPM. It will not stay steady, if it goes below about 900, it stalls.

It started last Spring(2008) when I took it out after the winter layup. I drove it about 3 miles, brought it home to adjust timing, and it started acting up. I didn't drive it again or work on it all last year.

This Spring I drained all the old gas out of the tank, took the carb apart and soaked it in Carb cleaner overnight. Blew out all the carb passages with compressed air, put it together and set the float level at 3/4" and the float drop at 2 3/8". 

I have a fuel pressure regulator set to 2 1/2#, the gas return line back to the tank is intact. I have a ball type inlet seat in the carb.

I noticed that there is gas spraying into the throat of the carb above the throttle plate when the car is running. Of course, the engine is running above 1000 RPM too, is this normal?

Anybody have any ideas as to why the engine won't idle at a steady RPM? Any ideas are appreciated.

Dave Baker

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