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I haven't lived in NY but a year since I was 18, (I'm 52) and I've spent 
most of my life below the Mason-Dixon line---9 years in VA, 13 in NC, and 4 
in Louisiana when I wasn't out of the country in the military.

All the outcries come from the areas that border Lake Norman, or other towns 
that are becoming bedroom communities of Charlotte, where tens of thousands 
of yankees have been moving for the last 20 years or so.  If you doubt the 
numbers, go look at the size of the House representation in NY and the NE 
states in 1970, and what they look like now.  My home town of Buffalo NY had 
610,000 citizens in 1967, now around 270,000.  They all voted against unfair 
taxation and lack of jobs with their feet---to NC, TN, SC, GA, AZ, FL.

around 70% of the residents in those areas in question  bought 100K + homes 
in MA, NJ, NH and NY in the 80s when that was a ridiculous amount to spend 
on a house, sold them for 600K 3-10 years ago. They move down here, buy a 
400K house on the lake, and sock the rest in the bank.

Not a bad idea, but then they decide that they need to change the county so 
that it looks like those disaster areas in NE, that they left because of the 
results of the same laws that they want to pass here.

 More often than not they don't have southern accents, they have NE accents. 
And they've gone as far as trying to get Mecklenburg County to attempt to 
annex them out of Lincoln County, and trying to form their own city "West 
Lake Norman", (located in E Lincoln County) without any support from the 
county commissioners, or their fellow native residents.

The constant battle in policy for my county is "East vs West".  East is now 
mostly Yankee transplants, and the West are the native residents, much more 
agricultural than based on the lake and its attraction. Some of these 
families have been farming here since NC was a Colony. They don't like 
outsiders coming down here and dictating terms to them.

I moved into the western part of the county because I saw what the east was 
becoming.  I have a sticker on my truck that the transplants around the lake 
and Charlotte don't show

YANKEE BY BIRTH, REBEL BY CHOICE.  And the choice was cultural, not 

So, you tell me. I deal with their BS down here every day. You don't.

What does a southerner fear most? Yankees in U-Hauls headed south on the 


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>> Mostly Yankee transplants from New
>> England who want to impose their views on us.
> Isn't that kind of a broad brush you're painting us hidebound New
> Englanders with, Hank-ster?

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