<VV> Carb leak at the base

Stephen Upham contactsmu at sbcglobal.net
Sun May 31 16:18:05 EDT 2009

I cut my own carburetor gaskets out of 1/16" gasket material (needed  
new gaskets and in a hurry) using the originals for a template.  I  
wanted to increase the thickness and so didn't use the original  
1/32".  They looked very nice but not, of course, manufactured  
quality.  I used the one that has the center hole with the "mouse  
ears" for the template and cut all four of the gaskets the same.  I'm  
experiencing a vacuum leak at the base of the carbs (evidenced by an  
rpm increase when carb cleaner is sprayed at the base) and I'm  
wondering if the fact that two of the gaskets do not have the "ears"  
on the original setup would make any difference.  I have tightened  
the carbs to the proper torque (10 lbs.) and of course I have  
insulators (from Clarks, not me) sandwiched between both.  What  
should I do after taking off the carbs to recheck the bases.  Someone  
suggested making sure the bottom of the carbs are flat by using  
sandpaper over a piece of glass.  I know to plug the heads to keep  
debris out.   I have also had suggested doing away with the gaskets  


Stephen Upham

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