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craig nicol nicolcs at aol.com
Fri Oct 2 12:34:41 EDT 2009

Tom asked:

Anyone know where a person can get a salvage title for a Corvair these days?

I was asked that question this morning.


Craig replies:

There are many ways to get a title - all involve your local DMV.  A DMV will
issue a salvage title when a car is purchased from a wrecking yard and
there's a bill of sale from the yard with the date and VIN. If the vehicle
was damaged (my state, Idaho) requires a pre-repair inspection and receipts
for all major new and used parts purchased including the source VIN if it's
a used part.


If a vehicle sans title is purchased privately you can apply for a bonded
title that has a 3-year cloud (in my state). With the bonded title, the last
owner (except the guy who sold it to you) can claim the car without recourse
including restoration costs.


If a vehicle is abandoned on commercial property, the property owner can
apply for a storage lien and get a title. Same goes for a vehicle left
unpicked up after repairs at a mechanic's shop (mechanics lien). After a
time period passed (3 months?) the mechanic can apply for a title.


There are also title services that can get you a registration from a
non-title state which you then can use to apply for a title in your state. 


There are many types of replacement titles. Salvage titles are for cars
purchased from wrecking yards or insurance companies. In my state we have
assigned titles (where the real VIN has some kind of problem), rebuilt,
reconstructed, bonded and probably others. When certain types of vehicles
are scrapped the VIN can be tagged "parts only" by the party who
relinquished the title and those can never be retitled (in my state).


You will have to inquire for your state's options at your local DMV.

Hope that helps,

Craig Nicol

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