<VV> Tire Pressures for 15" Tires - and Other Sizes

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> Can you explain why a Corvair is best at 32/40 when a Porsche, which is a
> much better road racing machine, specifies 17/25 ???
> RonH
1)  I own the corvair, I do not own the Porsche.  heh heh   sigh

2)  The Porsche would probably be a better street road racer at something 
like 32/40.  I would guess the lower pressures are to scare most drivers 
early, and keep them from getting too close to the limits.

3)  We are talking street games pressures, and therefore relatively cold 
tires.  Of course, if you were Steve McQueen, with a bubble gum sparkly 
thing you could run around San Francisco for 45 minutes, and build heat... 
you might want to start a little lower in that case.  But if you are 
cruising one lap of St. Louis, and some dude in a rusty 510 Datsun gives you 
the good luck sign and darts off an offramp, you will not have time to build 
heat if you want to play.

reargards, ken campbell, iou 

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