<VV> Tire Pressures for 15" Tires - and Other Sizes

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> > Can you explain why a Corvair is best at 32/40 when a Porsche, which is a
> > much better road racing machine, specifies 17/25 ???
> > RonH
>1)  I own the corvair, I do not own the Porsche.  heh heh   sigh
>2)  The Porsche would probably be a better street road racer at something
>like 32/40.  I would guess the lower pressures are to scare most drivers
>early, and keep them from getting too close to the limits.

That, and to soften the ride...

>3)  We are talking street games pressures, and therefore relatively cold
>tires.  Of course, if you were Steve McQueen, with a bubble gum sparkly
>thing you could run around San Francisco for 45 minutes, and build heat...

Remember...   they yanked McQueen out of the Mustang after his 3rd 
mis-hap behind the wheel of the "mule" Mustang (there were two 
Mustangs, one for stunts and one for beauty passes), fearful he was 
gonna pile it into something before they finished filming.  ;)  A 
stunt driver (think it was the stunt coordinator) did the remainder 
of the driving through the trickier shots where no closeups were 
involved.   William Hicks did all the stunt driving in the Charger 
and also portrayed "himself" as the Dodge "wheel man" in the 
film.   Hicks was likely one of the very best in the business and 
demonstrated his prowess with the "mule" Charger (there were two 
Chargers also) doing some amazing things that never made it into the 
film.   :)    The "mule" was originally blue, repainted black for the 
film, can see the blue showing through in gouges and scratches in 
some shots while swapping paint with the mule Mustang on the pacific 
coast highway scenes.

...but I digress.  ;)

>you might want to start a little lower in that case.  But if you are
>cruising one lap of St. Louis, and some dude in a rusty 510 Datsun gives you
>the good luck sign and darts off an offramp, you will not have time to build
>heat if you want to play.

Run the pressures and put up with the harsher ride and be done with it.


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