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  On Oct. 10, dealerships Marathon Chevrolet in North Charleston, 
  Hendrick Chevrolet on Savannah Highway and McElveen Chevrolet 
  in Mount Pleasant intend to display Corvairs from the various clubs 
  as a tribute to the compact's birth a half-century ago.

  "The Corvair has become increasingly popular as a 'collectible," said 
  Donn Pittman, president of the Lowcountry Corvair Association.

  "Parts are readily available and these cars are relatively easy for 
  people with mechanical ability to repair and rebuild. Also these 
  cars and needed parts are affordable," he said.

  Pittman recently offered an overview of the Corvair's up and 
  down history, beginning Oct. 2, 1959, when the first model came out...


  Tony I. 

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