<VV> interesting carb problem discovered- oops

Ray Rodriguez III grymm at echoes.net
Sun Oct 4 02:59:43 EDT 2009

Now I know why it was running decent..  it was an auxiliary that was blocked 
after all, had the carb locations mixed up.  Regardless its still really 
scary that someone put it together without noticing that... makes you wonder 
what else they could have missed.  Actually it kinda reminds me of that one 
photo in I believe "How to keep your corvair alive".... with the three shop 
rags found in between the cylinders on one side.

Ray Rodriguez III
CORSA member
66' Corsa 140/4 coupe
65' Corsa 140/4 coupe (under construction)

>> when I pulled the carbs I found that the passenger side primary was 
>> almost entirely (I'd say over 90%) blocked off by a defective gasket.... 
>> the gasket under this carb didnt have a hole in it!!!!!  It was just 
>> slightly torn on the left edge... allowing just a little tiny opening for 
>> air/fuel to pass through.
>> So....   first off how the heck was the car running so decent with this 
>> little problem..... and second (rhetorical) how the hell did the person 
>> installing the carbs/gaskets not notice this and do something about 
>> it!!!!!   Scary.

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