<VV> Corvair 50th

Bill Kronen billpat at telusplanet.net
Sat Oct 3 23:43:24 EDT 2009

On Friday, October 2nd, took the 63 Spyder 'vert out for its final drive 
before it begins hibernation this winter.(Snow was actually forecast for 
the night)  After a pleasant 25 mile cruise through the country, stopped 
by our local GM Dealer to see if they knew that this was an historic 
date.  No one was aware of it, most could care less and a few asked, 
'Whats a Corvair?'  So be it.  We will continue to enjoy our fun cars 
and its my hope that a Grandson will take this Spyder for a drive on 
October 2, 2059.  Vive la Corvair!
Bill Kronen
Rocky Mt. House, Alberta, CAnada
63 Spyder  66 Monza   63 Volvo 544

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