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Sun Oct 4 06:54:24 EDT 2009

Hi everyone,


I am asking for 'help' yet again! It concerns the on going restoration of my 1965 Monza convertible "down under" here in  Australia.


I have now reached the point where I am turning my attention to restoring the cars front & rear bumpers.


I am going to add accessory bumper guards, so I will need to drill some extra holes in my bumpers before I send them off for rechroming, but this not my problem. I have the templates measurements etc.


My question relates to my cars rear bumper. On close inspection my LM Corvairs rear bumper looks as if it has gained some extra holes courtesy of a previous owner. 


These holes are not positioned for accessory bumper guards and I don't think they would suit a trailer hitch, at least not a factory supplied trailer hitch.


Accordingly I plan to have these holes welded up prior to the chrome plating, but it did concern me that at least one of them might be correct?


I wondered if someone might have a good LM rear bumper that is currently not installed on a car and has not had any additional holes drilled in it.


If I could see a photo of this undrilled original rear bumper then it might show me the holes in my the bumper that should be repaired.


It's a little difficult to explain the position of the holes that I believe should NOT be there. 

My LM rear bumper has a hole on the top of the bumper right in the centre towards the edge. it forms a 'C' shape, There are two other holes located on either side of this central hole. I can not see any use for these three holes and wonder if they once supported an after market trailer hitch?


Certainly if they are not correct then I want to weld them up, but I don't want to do this if the holes are meant to be there. My workshop manual and other books don't have very good illustrations of the rear bumper on a late model. 


A photo of a 1965-69 Corvair bumper (off the car) would certainly clear this one up for me. Can anyone help?


Happy 50th birthday from Australia.


Carl L. Kelsen

1965 Corvair Monza convertible

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