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Ernie Sanders epssax at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 4 08:55:20 EDT 2009

On Friday, it was raining and I have some mud and grass between my barn and the road(250 feet of it).  I drove a '67 Monza coupe, early 95 HP, PG to our club's 50th celebration at Bob Hook Chevrolet in Louisville, KY.  Friday was very busy with people coming in on their way to work, on lunch hour, or on their way home from  work.  All had different reasons for wanting to see our unique cars!  A former car dealer, V.V. Cooke Jr. showed up and checked them out!  Mr. Cooke was the top selling Corvair and Corvette dealer in the Louisville area.  He was the distributor for the Yenkos and Fitch aftermarket accessories.
On Saturday, it was beautiful and I drove my '66 Convertible, 110 PG, Marina Blue.  Lots of Corvairs in the parking lot.  People came in and had their Corvair stories.  One man came in and was surprised that their was a Corvair Club in Louisville.  He has a '66 Corsa and a 63 Spyder convertible.  Hopefully, he'll join our Derby City Corvair Club.
Many thanks to club members for putting on our highly successful event.  Special thanks go out to John Lanning and Ken Byrley for their efforts.  Both of them did the behind the scenes work to make sure Corvair's 50th birthday was a happy one!

Ernie Sanders, President, 2009
Derby City Corvair Club 


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