<VV> interesting carb problem discovered- oops

Ebarr19 at aol.com Ebarr19 at aol.com
Sun Oct 4 12:38:28 EDT 2009

While in high school in the early 50's I lived on a farm too close to town 
for bus service and too far from town to walk. It was in Illinois on US Rt 
30. My Dad gave me a 1941 Plymouth buisness coupe to drive my twin sister and 
I to school ( We both had chores to do on the farm so we earned the use of 
this car !! ) Well an older brother thought I was driving it too hard so he 
placed a can lid with holes punched in it under the carb to slow me down. 
When I noticed the loss of power I could see the trimmed "can lid" under the 
carb, so I removed the complete center and replaced it back under the carb. I 
think it was a couple of years later that I told him what I did.
  That car would outrun most all the other school yard cars, had trouble 
with the Fords thou !!!!
 Gene Barr 

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