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 That includes the Pertronix  
ignition, the distributor cap,  the Flame Thrower coil, the plugs, and  
the Emerson silicone  wires. 
I  then took the spark plug wires off one by  one. 
Steve - If you are running any kind of electronic ignition -at least one  
that has ANY electronics inside the distributor cap - do not pull a plug wire 
 off an installed spark plug and run the motor, unless you ground the  plug 
end of the wire - the best way is to insert an old spark plug and let  it 
sit on a ground. The ignition will fire into the cap and to the rotor - and  
if it cannot find a ground to go to through a plug wire, it could go 
anywhere -  including to the electronic module inside the cap.  That is a quick way 
to  kill the system. 
PS - it does sound like some crud (technical term) got into or around one  
of the carb circuits.

Seth  Emerson

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