<VV> Value? 1963 Spyder

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Shows how much I would rely on information in the OCPG (Old Car Price

Why would they list a Spyder with an AC option?

Never happened from the factory. PG also never from the factory.

Well, not that has ever been seen! gggg

Frank DuVal

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OCPG says... class 3 condition = $8,100 + 1,600 for KO wire wheels + 1,000 
for AC

In my part of the country (IL), I tend to think they are a little on the 
high side - maybe 5 to 10%.

Later, JR
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> Local guy has a nice 1963 Spyder convertible (Canadian car) with new top 
> and interior - was red/white IIRC. Looks good and runs well, needs no 
> work, but I'm thinking it's a nice-summer-day driver, not a show car. I'm 
> looking at ebay and Corsa classifieds for value. Anyone have any insight
> sell or buy one recently?
> Thanks,
> Les
> corvair at mts.net

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