<VV> ROLL CALL? What did you drive?

Chris & Bill Strickland lechevrier at earthlink.net
Mon Oct 5 18:41:02 EDT 2009

Car Driven: 1960 700 4-door, Jade green

Where: Oct 2nd - Fuel in Oregon City, sprinkles
       Oct 3rd - Porsche group breakfast in McMinville

Miles:  start 60,994   -- ending 61,107

I thot that was sorta cool -- sixty thousand miles on  a 1960, but alas 
it gets driven ...   Thank goodness this isn't a 15,000 mile car that 
would be ruined by driving it! (Guess I'm jealous of that lucky owner, 
or not)  Not too many folks dared the threatening and near freezing 
weather Sat morn -- out of 20ish mostly 356 people, there was one 911, a 
couple Cyanes (can't spell it), a Tourag (that neither), my Corvair, and 
a fully restored 1936 long wheelbase Packard that just purred when he 
hit the start button. Awesome! Stopped by the Underground for a bit (Lon 
now has one fewer of those Helt books in stock -- finally!), then back 
to Emory's Parts Obsolete to spend an enjoyable afternoon in the sun 
talking car stuff with various folks that stopped by before I had to 
head home -- no great local events that would not have made for an 
overnight stay, and one day goofing off was all I got this week, so I 
didn't take the Corvair over to Bend for the local Panamera debut Friday 
nor north of Seattle for that shindig, but thanks for asking, Bill C!

Definition of a thankless job -- predicting Oregon weather

Bill Strickland

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