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After  the parade was over, four of our members proceeded to Courtesy 
Chevrolet in  San Jose to join up with the Silicon Valley Corsa Corvair  display.

At 8AM on the auspicious Friday, three Corvairs, two daily drivers and one  
award winning show car, were placed on the front display area at the 
largest  Chevrolet Dealership in Northern California, Courtesy Chevrolet in San 
Jose.  Sarah Glenn brought her 1963 Monza 4-door, Rafael Vasquez, one our 
newest  members, brought his gorgeous 1964 Monza Coupe and Ken Lawyer his 1966  
Corsa Coupe. The general manager of the dealership moved a half dozen new  
Corvettes out of the way for our display. I left a dozen or so "10 reasons to 
 buy a Corvair" brochures for any adoring public that dropped by. In  
mid-afternoon four convertibles dropped by between their parade car duties and  
parked in an adjacent area, to add to the festivities. It was interesting to  
talk with several of the dealership folks and some visiting customers,  
explaining the cars and the Corvairs 50 year history. 
PS - I received my CPF Coin today. Many thanks to Dave Newell and the CPF  
workers in Ypsilanti!       

Seth  Emerson

C's the Day! - Corvair, Camaro,  Corvette

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