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Tue Oct 6 08:16:50 EDT 2009

If I was going to buy a Cadillac, it would be a pre 1979.  Preferably a mid-late 60's DeVille CVT. or a 78 Coupe DeVille.  The 1949 Cadillac Sedanet is nice too. So are the 50's models Fleetwood Series 60 Specials. Only reason to mention Cadillac is they still make them.  Rather have a Packard.  "Ask the man who owns one".

I have no clue as to the power/handling of Cad CTS's or any other 2010 model Cad.  But I think they look like a scaled down Aztec.  Doesn't even RESEMBLE a Cadillac as they have been historically. 

Mopar's   Seth said other than the 300, what to they have----?  The Charger and Challenger have stayed true to former styling, and the Magnum is a nice looking vehicle too.   21st century styling bringing back the "Forward Look" of Mopars----how many are old enough to remember THAT slogan? 

Buick has stayed true to itself, at least in making large, roomy cars that handle better than you think they will.   IMO, "NOTHING rides like a Buick."  Not even a Cadillac. 

Your mileage will likely vary.  For the Record, The Cobalt is a warmed over Crapalier that's worth about 60% of it's sticker price, at best.  If you're going to buy that, might just as well compare it to a Kia or a cheaper Hyundai. 


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