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Tue Oct 6 08:26:05 EDT 2009

Hey guys ... give em a break!  Since they stopped trying to be Jap look alikes GM cars of today are among the style leaders of the world.  The new Impala for example.  And how about the Camaro?  It kind of reminds me of a late Corvair with attitude.  Think American!  It is about time to give credit where credit is due ... and some for Chrysler and Ford also.  
Ken P


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kaczmarek at charter.net writes:

Chevrolet Design/Styling---Hell, GM design/Styling has been taken over  by 
a gang on knot-heads that have Harley Earl and Bill Mitchell corkscrewing  
in their graves!!!

Ugly worthless pieces of junk.  

How right you are!  And GM hasn't, in my not-so-humble opinion,  produced a 
good-looking car in the last 20 or 25 years.
Scotty from Hollyweird

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