<VV> trailer hitches by Curt Mfg. (no corvair)

John Beck jb30343 at windstream.net
Wed Oct 7 17:19:19 EDT 2009

I had a similar experience with Curt Mfg.  In my case they confirmed a
production defect and approved my solution (enlarging some holes) which
was much easier than sending the hitch back.  I'd be happy to deal with
them again.  

Ray Rodriguez III wrote:
> To anyone considering a trailer hitch purchase: (non corvair, perhaps for towing corvairs!)
> I just had a phenomenal customer service experience with Curt Mfg.  I was a little concerned when we ordered this hitch because I had never heard of the company but the price was right.  (it was a class 2 for an 01' Eldorado).
> The draw bar included with the hitch was a little too short to clear the back bumper so I sent an email to their customer service dept.  I received an email reply within a couple hours with an attached technical drawing of the draw bar, they asked me to confirm the one I had matched the measurements on the drawing, and it did.  I sent an email back relating that the draw bar I was supplied did match the drawing, but it does not fit.  Within 5 minutes my phone rang... it was the gentleman who had sent the email.  He was incredibly pleasant and well mannered.
> He asked how much longer I wanted it...  and told me if they didnt have one the right length they would make it for me and send it out by this coming monday!  As it turned out they did have the size I needed in stock, and they are shipping it today.
> I was very favorably impressed.  Also note the quality of the product seemed excellent, it was very well designed (easy to install) and the fitment of the receiver assembly to the car was perfect.  Installation instructions were also very good.
> Ray Rodriguez III
> CORSA member

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