<VV> '60 for sale

Ken Lundy klundy at optonline.net
Thu Oct 8 14:38:24 EDT 2009

The seller calls it a 62, but it¹s a 60 caveman car.
I saw a nice white 60 two door in August at a car show upstate NY.
It was a real nice driver. Unfortunately, it wasn¹t for sale.
Got pictures though.
Ken Lundy
64 Convertible

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From: "Jim Corey" <jcorey at escapees.com>
Subject: Re: <VV> '60 for sale
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It appears to be a 62 Rust Bucket (by the seller's own admission).

J Corey
'63 Corvair Convertible
'62 Greenie
'64 Coupe (oops, down right now)
'66 Sedan
All running as daily drivers

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