<VV> Bent Push rods

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Pretty good list. I'd add over-revving. I think that if you over-rev  
it you can reach a point where the pushrod isn't strong enough to keep  
everything going and it bends.


On Oct 8, 2009, at 3:22 PM, Michael Kovacs wrote:

> Lets see if analysis is right:
>   The lifter is pushed by the cam.
>   The lifter moves the push rod.
>   The push rod interfaces with the rocker arm.
>   The rocker overcomes the valve spring pressure.
>   The valve stem moves inside the valve guide.
>   The valve opens in time to miss the piston.
> Things that can go wrong??
>  The valve hits the piston.
>  The valve stem binds in the valve guide.
>  The rocker arm doesn't move.
>  The valve spring is broken.
> I has a similar incident with a 460 Lincoln. The rocker arm cocked  
> (nut came loose) and the push rod did not like it. Replaced the  
> rocker arm and stuff. Ran fine after that.
> Any body else have a clue. I'd like to know too.
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> We have a 110 motor and the pushrods on #2 cylinder get bent. We  
> have replaced the lifters to try and cure, but the problem still  
> exists. Has anyone had this happen?
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