<VV> Car running lean - advice appreciated (Was 828 miles)

tony.underwood at cox.net tony.underwood at cox.net
Fri Oct 9 10:06:06 EDT 2009

>> Did you see what the CHT gauge (cylinder head temp) was reading when 
>> the warning light and buzzer came on?
> It was just over the 400 mark, not even close to 500.

Those head temp gauges are more a relative indicator than anything 
describing an actual temperature.   For the purpose they perform they're 
ok but if you want to really know what the head temperature is you 
should get an aftermarket gauge and sender.    ;)

But if you know what the car likes to normally run, the gauge in the 
dash works well enough.

It's also been my experience that an RL series turbo engine will last 
about 45 seconds at full throttle before the overheat buzzer and warning 
light comes on.

Last time it happened to me it wasn't soon enough...  ;)

> Since I new the fan belt was still on I drove it to  the next exit 
> with a moderate speed and let it idle to check the belt  and feel the 
> heat in the engine bay. It wasn't very hot compared to  normal. I just 
> wanted to shut down the engine for a few seconds to get  the light out 
> and the buzzer off.

They will not stop until either the engine cools off or you switch off 
the ignition, which as we all know, is not a good idea for a hot 'Vair 
engine.   Better to run it at a very fast idle until it does cool enough 
to stop the buzzer.

> The we went back to the autobahn to  continue our trip on more 
> moderate speeds and stopped on the next gas  station to get ourselves 
> a sandwich and let the car cool down some  more.  Everything was fine 
> after that.

You're probably ok.    If you're using synthetic oil it's likely ok too, 
but if you're using distilled dinosaur oil I'd change it just to make 
sure it didn't have its additives driven out by excessive heat.

> Thanks to all others that responded. Like a said the engine was 
> suddenly running lean (16) on the indicator on the way back. Someone 
> suggested that a vacuum-leak has developed somewhere.

...blow off the hose to the distrubutor pressure retard maybe?

> Also want to experiment with the boost a bit more but before I do that 
> I want to upgrade the fuel quality. If the car needs to perform it 
> deserves the best octane I can get.

Absolutely.  You can NOT allow a turbo 'Vair engine to ping at high 
rpm/boost levels.   You just can't.   Destruction results.   DAMHIK... 


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