<VV> Torque Spec for Camaro lug nuts

Robert Marlow Vairtec at optonline.net
Fri Oct 9 15:33:54 EDT 2009

Bruce Schug wrote:

> When I was in high school I broke a head stud on a friends flathead 
> over torquing it. I've used a torque wrench on anything important 
> since then.
> I think the problem you can run into on wheel lugs is that uneven 
> torque can distort parts like rotors and drums.
> Have you actually built an engine without a torque wrench, Bob?

I don't worry about overtorquing things, because I am a 98-lb weakling.  
I don't worry abut distorting brakes rotors or drums because I tighten 
lug nuts in a crossover pattern, and I am a 98-lb weakling.  I have not 
used a torque wrench to build an engine, because I have never built an 
engine.  I have removed and installed engine parts, including heads, 
always without a torque wrench and so far without any harm befalling 
those engines.

But -- I am aware that I will be in the minority, especially in the 
Corvair community which is overrun with engineers.  If I were to get a 
torque wrench Frank Burkhard would probably want to add more gauges to 
it!  [VBG]


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