<VV> Car running lean - advice appreciated (Was 828 miles)

FrankCB frankcb at aol.com
Fri Oct 9 15:56:23 EDT 2009

     DAMHIK means Don't Ask Me How I Know!  It's usually said when we're warning about some impending disaster that we know will befall YOU because the same disaster already happened to US.<GGGG>
     When I was running my 180 Vair regularly at highway speeds the stock CHT would read 400 deg.F for normal highway cruising at 60 mph (100 km/hr) and increase to 450 under full throttle acceleration for about 30 seconds.  Since out penalties for exceeding the 65 mph speed limit are quite high (hundreds of dollars) I didn't keep it at full throttle for very long.  With the stock exhaust system it reached 8 psi (16 in.Hg) boost on a non-stock large gauge.  Insulating the exhaust system upstream of the turbo got me 10 psi (20 in.Hg) boost and it "came on" much more quickly.  BUT, the insulated exhaust piping disintegrated from overheating in 6 months!!
     Make sure your ignition retard is working correctly to keep you out of trouble at high boost conditions.
     Frank Burkhard

In a message dated 10/09/09 13:50:50 Eastern Daylight Time, guusdehaan at mac.com writes:
> Absolutely.  You can NOT allow a turbo 'Vair engine to ping at high 
> rpm/boost levels.   You just can't.   Destruction results.   DAMHIK... 
> ;) 

Not sure what DAMHIK means but I guess it's better to solve the   
pinging first before pushing it :-)) 


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