<VV> Torque Spec for Camaro lug nuts

FrankCB frankcb at aol.com
Fri Oct 9 16:19:31 EDT 2009

Bob, I do NOT use a torque wrench to tighten the cap on my toothpaste!!  However, if I could find a socket that would fit the toothpaste cap, I might just do that.<GGGGG>
     There are TWO reasons to tighten the lug nuts with a torque wrench.  One is to make certain that they are not so tight that you can't take them off when you have to change a tire by the side of the road in the rain late at night.  When I get tires changed and wheels reinstalled at the tire shop I drive the car home, jack up that wheel,  loosen the lug nuts and RETORQUE them all in the recommended sequence.  Some times I actually have to use a breaker bar since the lug nuts have been installed with an air wrench set to a level probably way above recommended value.
The second reason is to insure that the nuts have been tightened gradually in proper sequence (skipping one nut to go on to the next).  I count as I so it so it sounds like "41, 43, 45, 42, 44" then "61, 63, 65, 62, 64" and so on.  If you DON'T tighten this way, it's possible that the position of the wheel is distorted and the braking will suffer and wear unevenly.
     Frank "what, me paranoid?" Burkhard
In a message dated 10/09/09 14:50:17 Eastern Daylight Time, Vairtec at optonline.net writes:
In my local club is a member who uses a torque wrench for EVERYTHING.  I 
think he puts the cap back on his toothpaste using a torque wrench.  I, 
on the other hand, never use a torque wrench. 

For lug nuts, I put them on and tighten them.  Haven't had a wheel fall 
off yet.  Haven't had a lug nut work loose, either. 

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