<VV> Car running lean - advice appreciated (Was 828 miles)

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Correct me if I'm wrong, I'm sure that you know.
Don't the 140, 150 and 180 heads have fine thread for the thermal switch?
The same thread as the thermister. The "others" have course thread. In order
to put the "wrong" sensor in a head requires either an adaptor, rethread or
cross thread (Yuck!). AM I correct?
It seems that in most cases, if the "wrong" sensor was installed, Guus would
be able to see an adaptor between the thermal sensor and the head when the
lower shrouds are removed.

What are your thoughts?

Dave Thompson 

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> Did  you see what the CHT gauge (cylinder head temp) was reading when   
> the warning light and buzzer came on?

It was just over the 400  mark, not even close to 500.

Just a thought. On the 140 and 180 hp engines, the overheat sensor was set  
at about 575 deg F. Other engines got a 450 deg sensor. It is possible that 
 somehow your engine might have the lower temp sensor installed,possibly by 
a  previous owner.
Bob Helt 

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