<VV> Pictures - a thought

Tony Underwood tony.underwood at cox.net
Fri Oct 9 21:25:02 EDT 2009

At 11:42 PM 10/7/2009, AeroNed at aol.com wrote:
>Who wants to see the mugs of the folks here?
>Now, the cars might be OK. I doubt that there's room on the server. We
>could post pictures somewhere else though.

I dunno...   wouldn't wanna speak for Brian but I could carry around 
1000 decent photos of people in one of the flash drives I have in my 
pocket and still have enough room left over for all their cars as well.

A high resolution JPG image can be formatted to 250K and provide a 
razor-sharp clear 1024x768 image.   A thousand of 'em would take up 
250 meg of space.    Four photos of cars per photo of owner would 
require a gig anna quarter of space, and that's a pack of images in 
high definition.  If they were 100k in size (and that can still 
provide a tack sharp JPG image) that's ten images per 1000 
users.   The typical HDD in most peoples' computers anymore is over 
100 gig.   Even an older one will be 10-40 gig...  and they keep 
getting bigger every week.

I'd wager the issue wouldn't be a matter of disk space... more along 
the lines of the host server's owner doing the work (which could be 
somewhat considerable) unless it could be automated or farmed out to 
some carbon based helper lifeforms.

If it were simply a matter of HDD space, I'd donate a HDD to the 
cause, 120 gig would do it and cost less than 100 bucks easy.

That's about 100,000 to 120,000 high resolution 
photographs.    ;)   (depending on how many drive connections are 
available on the server and if they're not already filled, which 
would likely mean there's plenty of drive space available now)


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