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If the  return hole between the manual transmission and differential is 
plugged (or  the gasket between diff and tranny is installed wrong, blocking 
the hole) one  unit can pump fluid into the other unit, and it will not drain 
back to  equalize the level. I thought it would leave the transmission 
overfilled and  the differential low, but maybe it works both ways?
-- Doug  Mackintosh

Doug - Per his signature file, his Rampside is a Powerglide. He may  have 
another problem, but that isn't it. I still wonder if ATF is getting  into 
the Diff. A further inspection of the "extra" fluid may tell the tale. ATF  
makes a lousy differential lube, Tim, eventually. Unless your differential is  
somehow manufacturing gear-lube (doubtful) it has to be coming from the PG, 
and  if you are using ATF and showing no leaks, well  .  .   .  . 
Seth  Emerson

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