<VV> Re: Fitch Roof Installation

Ed Dowds ed_dowds at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 11 19:41:03 EDT 2009

"I'm having a NOS Fitch roof installed on a 65 coupe. Is the roof just 
"attached" to the vehicle or is it "molded" to the body? "Molding" would be 
tough to have a lasting installation??"


I asked that question a few years ago and the answer I got was that they were not molded on, except by some car owners.

I got mine from a junked '65 back in '71. The roof had been added, from another car, and was held on by the 1/4 inch studs in the sail panels and three sheet metal screws thru the front edge into the steel roof. I think the sheet metal screws had been covered with Bondo at one point. I think there was residue of some kind of glue under the front edge also.

The concensus, when I asked, was that the sheet metal screws were "standard"! 


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